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how many people am i going to fight in my lifetime for zayn malik

An open letter to any media outlet who dismissed the concerns of young women everywhere



Our names are Tim Driver and Nat Bower, and we are the creators of The Rest of Us documentary project, a positive look at the One Direction fandom. We have spent the last two years investigating the fandom for our documentary, slowly assembling as complete a picture as we can manage with our limited resources. We certainly can’t speak on behalf of the entire fandom, but we can speak to what we have discovered about this extraordinary community in the last two years, and of course to our own opinion.

We’d like to start by stating up front that we love the Daily Show. As a comedic news show it has been incredibly important in advancing the cause of progressive thinking, in foregrounding many women’s issues, and highlighting the inequality that people of colour suffer.

Today, we’d like to write in response to your articles about the fan reaction to the Daily Show piece suggesting a member of One Direction is a member of a terrorist organisation. 

It’s certainly not out of the question to make jokes, and jokes about every subject matter have a place in public discourse when they are funny or meaningful. From our understanding, the majority of the fan reaction has not been to the relatively cheap joke that a member of a boy band might be part of a terrorist organisation, but to the responses when fan’s concerns were dismissed.

Having spent so long investigating and getting know this fandom, we feel we must come to their defence.

To so aggressively dismiss genuine concerns of a group of mostly teenage girls and young women as the ravings of hysterical lunatics is incredibly mysoginistic, ageist and a woefully inadequate way to address young women. Zayn Malik, the openly Muslim member of the band, has been targeted previously with accusations of being a terrorist -as have too many young Muslim’s- and that this was pointed out by young people doesn’t mean their opinions, concerns, or even their feelings, are invalid. When young women are already maligned just for the fact that they are young and female, to continue to heap scorn upon them is absolutely despicable. 

Yes, there are elements of the One Direction fandom who react overtly and aggressively to any slight (real or perceived) against the boys of the band, but by lumping together all reactions of offence or concern is to entirely dismiss the idea that young women can have agency, are thoughtful, and that their opinions matter. Do a small number of vocal One Direction fans take their reactions too far? Absolutely. Is this called out by the fandom itself? Definitely. Has this self-policing ever been reported? Never.

Please, in future, when young women raise legitimate concerns about a successful, older, white, male comedian’s television show suggesting that a young, Muslim pop star (named or otherwise) is part of a terrorist organisation -or any other concerns- do not dismiss them out of hand just because they are part of a fandom.

Do better by our young women. 

Their worries, their emotions, their thoughts are not less than anyone else’s and the progression of women is set back every time we tell them they are.

We would be delighted to speak to you further about the One Direction fandom, and our discoveries through our documentary project, and can be contacted by any of the means below.

We dare you to:




Kind regards,

Tim Driver and Nat Bower

Over the coming days we will be submitting this letter to media organisations who wrote about the fan reaction. If you’d like to help us identify organisations or media outlets who might need to read this letter, please pass along any information. We can’t read or see everything, so we rely on all of you for extra help.

Please share.

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My comments on the Daily Show and Zayn Malik Saga.

Please watch… if you wish to know my comments.

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Today I’m talking about the recent media response to One Direction fan’s concerns about a Daily Show story.


Tim shares his thoughts about the latest media response to the One Direction fandom, as part of his daily vlogs. You can find his YouTube channel here.

We will also have our reviews of the ‘Steal My Girl’ single coming really soon.

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And you can find the open letter here.

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That was not an apology, John Stewart. That was just more derision. Thanks.

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Zayn & Liam unfollow Luke & Ashton of 5SOS. 

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A Harry Potter AU where everything’s exactly the same, except the house elves look like Lord of the Rings elves and Dobby’s, like, played by Orlando Bloom. But they’re still not allowed to have clothes

orlando bloom hitting himself in the face with a lamp

twelve year old Daniel Radcliffe shoving a nearly-naked Orlando Bloom into his closet

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