do you think maybe she did it for attention? like, ik it doesn't matter why she did it - it was completely and utterly wrong no matter what - but she seems v needy to me



i don’t want to psychoanalyze her. what i want is for her to realize that she drew rape and passed it off as desirable sex for teenagers to see and consume. i want her to realize that she drew domestic violence/abuse and called it a relationship/”angst” (which in this sense is meant to be consumed by fandom as a trial/tribulation that may come with a relationship) and intended it to be consumed as positive by teenagers. i want the teenagers who consumed this fan art to realize that it is not acceptable, nor is it desirable or healthy. i don’t care what her motives were for posting the fan art, as long as she realizes that it is wrong, irresponsible, and that it requires an apology and an explanation to fans of her fanart that those images are not romance, love, relationships, or sexy.

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It’s so fucked when you lose your glasses like you need them to see so how are you supposed to look for them cause you can’t see shit

you do realize that people don’t turn blind when they don’t have glasses on right? Everything is just a little blurry

Yes thank you I’ve been wearing glasses for 10 years I know how it is when I can’t find mine which is why I made this post

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Canadian music festival takes huge step against Native appropriation

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From their announcement:

For various reasons, Bass Coast Festival is banning feathered war bonnets, or anything resembling them, onsite. Our security team will be enforcing this policy.

We understand why people are attracted to war bonnets. They have a magnificent aesthetic. But their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated.

Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.

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“Life’s too short to drink crappy coffee and cry over boys who don’t care.”

— Matty Healy (The 1975)


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50 Shades of Grey trailer is out and stylesinaflowercrown and I are inventing a drinking game. So far the rules are:

Take a shot:

  • every time BDSM relationships are grossly misrepresented
  • every time Christian Grey is just Edward Cullen
  • Every time the the film confuses submissive behaviour with low self esteem, a lack of confidence, self belief or self respect. Of if the heroine explains her character flaws through self-deprecating humour. Or if the heroine utters any line with the theme ‘look how shit I am I am so shit’ and then he replies ‘your insecurity is really sexy’. 
  • every time Grey exhibits serial killer behaviour
  • every time Grey says a line that is meant to be intimidating but is just stupid
  • every time you laugh when you’re not supposed to
  • every time they should show genitals but don’t through clever *cough* camera angles
  • every time they symbolically use the colour grey.
  • Or the colour red.

to be continued…

Ur gonna die from alcohol poisoning

  • Every time time her friends warn her that she’s in an abusive relationship but fail to identify what is specifically wrong with it, thereby demonstrating that the makers of the film are themselves unaware of the problematic content they portray
  • if they include that scene in the bathroom with the tampon (take as many shots as necessary)
  • Every time she stutters like Bella Swan, tucks her hair behind her ears like Bella Swan or is in any way, shape or form Bella Swan
  • Every time they use clunky dialogue or unnecessary montages to demonstrate how rich he is
  • Every time you identify with one of the disapproving minor characters more than with either her or Christian Grey
  • Every time they stare at one another for a creepily long time

ANY time they make any vague reference to Ana’s “inner goddess”

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default album art
Song: Over Again
Artist: One Direction
Album: Take Me Home
Played: 71,941 times.





over again, faster

no seriously the second chorus i’m jamming

i know what this needs


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Outfit of the day #162 - Asos.com

Love them or not, One Direction have grown into five stylish young men. Mr Harry Styles pretty much owns the whole bohemian rocker thing, while Mr Zayn Malik tends to lean towards a great leather jacket. 

The boys were looking particularly good this weekend as they all turned up to celebrate Louis’ mum’s wedding. Now, if there was ever a time to get dressed up and make an effort, it’s the wedding of a much-loved member of the fam. Louis definitely did his mum proud with this razor-sharp take on the double-breasted suit. 

Louis’ minimalist jacket is a real winner for any wedding, but it looks particularly good on a sunny day in July. He’s accessorised it brilliantly with a white pocket squareRay-Ban aviators and a club collar shirt, and he’s also rocking the current trend for air ties

Cut high on the waist, this jacket is definitely one for the slighter gentleman, but the navy is something every can get on board with. You won’t find a more versatile suit. 

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bottom line, whether you agree or disagree with the practice of BDSM, it’s a choice made between two consenting adults, 50 shades doesn’t show two equal mature adults making informed decisions about their sex lives, it shows a young woman who’s never even been kissed, in the middle of her first romance, being coerced and manipulated into allowing an older more experienced much more powerful man to play out his extreme fantasies on her and if you’re okay with that, you think it’s cool and sexy or whatever then that’s on you, you can go and tell that to the women who get sexually assaulted and abused every single day of their lives by real life versions of christian grey 

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i want a bf :/

and by bf i mean Benjamin Franklin as in a 100 dollar bill


  • it is not macklemore’s fault that same love is popular. it is his fault that mary lambert was on stage with him and he did not take that opportunity to promote music by queer people or say that he couldn’t have done this without queer people. which would have taken two seconds. it is also his fault mary lambert only got to perform the chorus (yes, only)
  • it is not macklemore’s fault that he is straight. it is his fault that he, as a straight person, purposefully and willfully paints the hip hop/rap genre—and only hip hop (“if i was gay i would think hip hop hates me”) vs music in general to be heterosexist, which ignores and erases queer/qpoc rappers that do work about queer issues and exist  it’s also his fault that as a straight person, he uses and attempts to reclaim a slur in his song. i don’t give a fuck what kind of context you’re using it in, don’t do that. it’s also his fault that, as a straight person doing a song about mgsri issues, erases mgsri folk (ie. trans) within the song. and it’s also his fault that he chooses to oversimplify queer issues in the same song.
  • it is not macklemore’s fault that he is white. it is his fault that, as a white person, he appropriates the hell out of black culture even as he’s supposedly recognizing his privilege in his other bullshit song, White Privilege. it is also his fault that he, again, singles out only hip hop vs music in general to be heterosexist—essentially “black people and black music hate queer people. listen to me, macklemore, white rapper, talk pro-queer rights.”
  • stop telling people, especially queer people, that they should be grateful to macklemore for “spreading awareness” or that people expressing their justified dislike or hate of mackemore, his songs, and/or his fanbase are “the reason people are afraid to talk queer politics/the reason we need people like macklemore/the reason queer issues should be presented in this way, instead of a ‘hateful’ way.” that blatantly victim-blames an oppressed group.
  • also stop it because it implies that queer people should be happy with the support they’re getting, as long as it’s support—when actually, fuck you. this is not the kind of support i asked for, not the kind i want, not the kind i deserve. it also implies that queer people aren’t allowed to want more, or that wanting more/better support is selfish, which??? what????
  •  stop implying that queer people, as an oppressed group, should be nice to members of an oppressive group for doing what they have already been doing, what they’ve been imprisoned for doing, what they’ve been silenced for doing.
  • if your support of an oppressed group depends on how nice members of that group are to you, then your support is bullshit and you should immediately put effort into maybe not being a useless, oppressive “ally.”
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It’s official! President Obama has signed an executive order granting workplace equality to LGBT federal workers. This is a historic day — but we’re not done yet. Next up, let’s enact workplace protections for every LGBT employee, everywhere in the country. 

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when u get your period